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It's here! Time to Take Action!

Alright everyone, it's finally here! Today I am publishing the three new site pages listed in the previous blog post.

It's important to note that I do not have any formal training in this sort of development, so I 100% expect there to be a few hiccups along the way. Therefore, I am relying on you guys to let me know about any flaws and issues I may have missed during site testing.

I want to give a public thank you to my beta testers who helped point out improvements along the way, you guys are awesome! Readers can thank my IRL educator friend, my pharmacy BFF, my SO and my dear family, and a dedicated pharmacy student for saving you from the original versions of these tools. As it stands currently, the social sharing posts are set up to work with Facebook, solely because that's where the majority of our site traffic has been coming from. If you would like to share them elsewhere, please do! And if you would like any custom images made that combine elements of one or more of the provided images, I would be happy to create them for you upon request.

So here's the deal- test them out yourself! If you run into a problem, let me know! If you don't, please share far and wide! We want to make as big of an impact as possible, as quickly as possible, because we want people talking about this all across the country, not just in pharmacies all across the country. We want legislators to be contacted so many times they can't ignore the issue. We want social media buzzing with "did you know about this?"

I have loved hearing from all of you pharmacists, technicians, students, and other readers out there. It makes my day every time I get a new message from you all that says we want to unite, we want to help, we want to make changes. It's so encouraging, and I would call on all of you now to make that a reality. Help with this project by making sure it gets seen. Share with your pharmacy pages and communities, share with your families and friends, and PLEASE share with your legislators.

We can do this together! #teampharmacy
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4 commentaires

Pharmacist Anonymous
Pharmacist Anonymous
25 févr. 2019

@betty Definitely in the plans! New site features have taken up most of my time recently, but I do plan to publish new posts as soon as I can. Thanks for your comment!!


Thank you for giving us ways to reach out to others to let them know what's going on. Please consider writing a blog post (or two) that speaks directly to consumers rather than to pharmacists. I'll be one of the first to share!


more things, all the more things, we need more things :)


Thanks for all the effort you've put into this!

All these things may be too late for older Pharmacists such as myself, but worthwhile efforts all the same!

More tragedy for a Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician!

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