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Where do we go from here?

Alright everyone, time for an update! I've been furiously working during my off time since my previous post, and it's time for a glance behind-the-scenes at the Pharmacist Anonymous website!

One of the biggest things missing from my first post was a call to action- I brought up some really BIG problems, but didn't offer anything actionable that we could do about it. I'm trying to rectify that with some new additions to the site.

If things go as planned, we will soon see several new pages added to the site. Before I make them publicly visible, a few beta-testers are going to help me out with making sure everything is functioning at tip-top shape. Here's a run-down of the current set up as we progress towards having a useful tool:

New Page #1 - "Take Action"

This page is a step-by-step guide/infographic that walks viewers through the pharmacy situation, and how to speak out about it. It is primarily targeted at concerned members of the public, but will work for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as well.

New Page #2 - "Advocacy Made Easy"

This page contains two sections. The first is a gallery of images intended to be shared on social media that will link back to this campaign. I'd like to thank the poster and commenters on this old /r/pharmacy thread for getting my thinking going in the direction of pharmacy PSAs way back when it was posted. The second section is a group of template messages intended for state legislators. There are individual options for concerned citizens, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. Both of these sections will be linked to from appropriate points in the infographic on the "Take Action" page.

New Page #3 - Dangerous Practices

The third and final new page (for now!), is an attempt to break down the problems facing pharmacy into bite-sized pieces.

I've had my head buried in this for about a week now, and I am REALLY excited to share the completed version of it as soon as possible. However, with regard to this entire undertaking, it is vital to me to publicly address some items I have been messaged about. I highly value my integrity and want to build a community for the exact purposes stated on my home page.

I have received messages alluding that I should reveal my identity in order to be a trustworthy leader, and while I would love to become a full-time pharmacy advocate, asking me to reveal my identity gives me the impression that the fundamental reason for the founding of this website has been misunderstood. The very first line of my inaugural blog post reads "...I can't speak out publicly, for reasons any [chain] pharmacist could tell you." To be explicit to readers who are not chain pharmacists, that means that if I speak out publicly, with my personal identity, I will lose my livelihood (and my ability to fund hosting for this site!). Therefore, I will not be sharing my identity unless or until I find that it would not endanger my ability to pay off those very student loan bills I was blogging about a week or so ago.

Other messages have encouraged me to set up a Patreon for the blog. I do believe a Patreon or similar account could be beneficial in the future, but I will not add one without a clear cut goal or vision as to what it will be used for. My identity may not be transparent, but all of my actions will be.

Thanks for reading, and hang tight for the announcement that our call-to-action has gone live!!

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Pharmacist Anonymous
Pharmacist Anonymous
Feb 12, 2019

@hardy.c78 Thank you for your comment, I'd love to hear more about that as well!

For now though, here's something for your reading (dis)pleasure.


More great reading and eye opening stuff, I wonder if it's the same over here in the U.K. or if it's specifically problems affecting the U.S.A would love to see some responses from those more further afield that are affected by these issues :)

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