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Send your best stories of pharmacy discoveries and your feats of strength and intellect!


Tell us about the patients you saved from poor inhaler or injection technique, the quality of life improvements you helped implement, the therapeutic changes you recommended, the lifestyle changes you helped patients accomplish, the community services you provided, anything. This isn't MTM and it doesn't have to fit any pre-designated category of "acceptable" intervention. It doesn't have to be connected to any STAR ratings, just actual, real patient lives and community health on an individual or community basis. Nothing is too small, too large, too outlandish. I want to hear what you guys are up to out there when you're able to squeeze the real stuff in, in between the nonsense.

We ARE a valuable contributor to public health. Let's help remind each other of that and uplift one another with REAL accounts of what we can do.

The submission section will allow for both a narrative description of your valuable contributions and also give the opportunity to choose descriptive options based off of a clinical intervention reporting tool described here (full citation below).

Ahmed Al-jedai and Zubeir A. Nurgat (August 29th 2012). Electronic Documentation of Clinical Pharmacy Interventions in Hospitals, Data Mining Applications in Engineering and Medicine, Adem Karahoca, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/50425. Available from:


*contact information not required

Drug Related Problems
Type of Intervention
Clinical Significance
Expected Outcome

Thanks for submitting!

Please remember to remove any and all patient identifying information from any submissions. Submissions may be compiled or quoted for future postings and/or site projects (such as a display page for submissions).

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