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Proposed Changes in Illinois

Excerpt: "Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration is pushing changes in state regulations to require pharmacists take breaks to relieve pressure from heavy workloads, ensure pharmacies give them time to review patient drug histories and cut down on the extra duties that distract them from safely dispensing drugs."

A few comments on this:

1) Finally! I've been waiting to hear the consensus for a long time, I'm glad some recommendations were finally made.

2) I'm curious how they are going to quantify "enough" time to review profiles, because I'm pretty sure certain companies will claim that 0.2 sec glimpse at a DUR screen is plenty.

3) I personally like 12 hour shifts, but only for "low" volume.

4) I do think there should be a technician on duty at all times - from having worked alone, even in low volume there is a special kind of risk in the equation when one single person is trying to manage multiple people at multiple windows/stations/lines/etc.

5) Personally I also think there should be increased pharmacist overlap, especially for immunizations in stores expecting 20 and 30 immunizations or more on a shift in addition to regular workflow.

6) Concerned about the line, "The pharmacy, the pharmacist and the pharmacist-in-charge could be disciplined with written warnings or fines that are posted online and cannot be expunged," if Pharmacist-in-Charge doesn't get more day-to-day power. It would be like me getting a citation because my corporate office dictated that I couldn't have technician coverage, and then my partner was pushed to verify too fast and made a complaint they weren't given adequate time to review profiles. That SHOULD fall on the person making the staffing decisions, which in chain pharmacies is NOT the PIC, in most cases.

7) I appreciate that it was mentioned there is/can be a difference between requirements placed on independents vs. big chains, though everyone deserves a break no matter who you work for.

8) If you are in IL please make your voice heard to your legislators, loud and clear. The rest of the country is watching and will likely try to model off of this if successful, which could have great implications for all of us, and our patients who are relying on us to work at our most optimal level.

Edited to add: I also believe that staffing minimums will be necessary to prevent enforced breaks from only creating further chaos.

What do you all think?

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