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I now interrupt your not-so-regularly scheduled Anonymous blog posting to bring sad tidings from our pharmacy brethren at Walmart. As many of you already know, over 1000 pharmacy employees have been indiscriminately terminated without cause this week, and no one was safe. It didn't matter if you were a pharmacy cashier, technician, float, staff, clinical team member, or PIC with decades of service.

As many bemoan and grieve that such a situation has become not only a possibility, but an inevitability within our once honored and esteemed profession, I've been spurred towards action on an idea that's been floating around in my mind for a long while.

As I cited in several of my previous postings, pharmacists do not currently have any sort of robust national representation. We have an organization that claims to represent us and yet blatantly ignores the death throes of community pharmacy. We have splintered special interest pharmacy associations for every imaginable sub-specialty of pharmacists. We have organizations that represent the interests of the companies we work for (chain drug stores, independent drug stores, etc). We even have some state organizations that do a great job of advocating for us at the state level. We DO NOT have adequate representation at a national level that is actually willing to listen to the needs and interests of us as pharmacists and technicians, and by extension, our undeserved patients.

Therefore, today I am publishing this SURVEY with the purpose of gauging public interest and willingness to organize into an association that represents, advocates for, and serves PHARMACISTS and PHARMACY TECHNICIANS and CLERKS in a manner that improves our ability to provide the world-class patient care that American patients should have access to.

If I ask anything at all of you wonderful readers who have been with me since my first angst-ridden blog post OR who are just reading my words for the first time today, it is to answer this survey today, with utmost honesty regarding your level of commitment and interest, and then to SHARE it far and wide to every pharmacist, technician, clerk, ancillary staff member, or other relevant party and beseech of them to please do the same.




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I've been unemployed as a pharmacist for over a year now. I have to say I'm feeling more and more hopeless in ever finding another pharmacy position after all these recent layoffs and the layoffs/terminations still on the way. I'm 62 yo and only graduated in 2010. It is so disheartening every day to apply for positions and know that no one is even going to look at my application, resume, and/or cover letter. I chose the wrong career path at the wrong time. I am living very frugally with a non-pharmacy job that pays a bit better than minimum way. It's a daily struggle to not become overwhelmed by my situation. I support myself. People around me a…


There has been "talk" of Pharmacists joining unions or other type of bargaining entities since I was in pharmacy school - in the 60's - 15 years ago when there was a severe shortage of pharmacists... what did pharmacists do... job jump to get sign on bonuses... worked extra hours - for the money and helping their employer - it was the ideal time to organize.. but did we - NOPE !! Now with a serious and growing surplus... wages dropping as is being assured of being employed FULL TIME.. Everyone - especially the more senior pharmacists - are keeping their heads down - as if that is going to help them to avoid being tossed the curb. Just imagi…


Pharmacist Anonymous
Pharmacist Anonymous
Jun 26, 2019

@jen_d_horton Thank you for your unwavering support!! Many people comment on my Facebook page and via private message at the website. I've admittedly not been able to post as much as I wish, being one lonely, FT employed pharmacist. But, yes, I would love to see further engagement in the comments. It's devastating that everyone is frightened of public discourse due to fear of retaliation.


I am still astounded by the lack of comments on these blog posts. Even on Twitter

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