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Impact Opportunity for Pharmacists

Are you a community pharmacist who feels overlooked, disenfranchised, and unrepresented by the powers-that-be in our profession?

A great number of my readers, commenters, and regular correspondents here have indicated that they see the standards of our profession as declining and many attribute that to schools, ACPE standards, and the minimum-competency NAPLEX exam.

Unfortunately, many pharmacists also feel powerless to impact any of those contributors. While I unfortunately don't have the clout to change any of that either, what I can offer is this: If you did not receive the email from NABP requesting feedback on exam competencies, please follow this link.

According to NABP, "The purpose of this survey is to collect information regarding the scope of knowledge and skills that are necessary for safe and effective entry-level pharmacy practice. The information collected will be used to help determine the distribution of content (blueprint) on the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination® (NAPLEX)®."

So, if you wanted a chance to impact what's required to enter practice in our profession: GO! Here's your chance!!

NABP requests that you complete this survey by Sunday, December 1, 2019.

Looking for more?

Check out this page on the NABP website about how to volunteer to contribute to NABP via:

-Standing committees, which are held every year, including:

Committee on Constitution and Bylaws

Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation

Advisory Committee on Examinations

-Single-issue task forces are established each year and often address topics from resolutions approved at the Annual Meeting.

-Examination committees write and review test questions to ensure the integrity and validity of the examinations.

The link contains descriptions of these volunteer opportunities, as well as instructions for completion of the Volunteer Application.

I know many of us are feeling very downtrodden and powerless in the current professional climate, but I would STRONGLY encourage those of you who have the ability to follow either or both of these links and improve the representation of community pharmacists in the regulation of our profession. One of our biggest problems is that we don't feel we have a seat at the table and that other professional specialties guide and direct the path of our profession as a whole without including us.

So, let's change that.

Click the link.

Fill out the survey.

Complete the application.

Make your mark on pharmacy, and the future of this profession.

If you're feeling extra froggy, see what it takes to get on the Board of Pharmacy in your state! I know at least one state is conducting elections for Board positions as we speak. Let's stand up and represent ourselves to the best of our ability. If you can't do it yourself, encourage someone you have confidence in. Maybe they just need that nudge.

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1 Comment

Thanks, PA. That's great advice. Who can be more passionate about what needs to be changed in community pharmacy than pharmacists who live it every day? It was easy for me during the first part of my career to assume someone else would speak for me. But now I'm involved in APhA committees and projects, because in the end it my passion for what I do pushed me into it. Our profession needs to move forward, in a little different direction, and someone has to push for that. There's no doubt that it takes time and effort, and we're all seemingly stretched to the limit already. But there can be satisfaction in knowing you're making a difference for the professio…

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