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Fired up!

I was hanging out with a coworker pharmacist last night, and man did we get all fired up together. I could go on for hours myself, and we just bounce ideas off each other and we're off on a tangent again - I had to make myself leave so I could get off my soapbox. So many topics to talk about in pharmacy, so many things we see that just AREN'T RIGHT, but no one is saying anything! Everyone is too afraid of losing their job - which I totally get! I did make this blog and this site anonymously, didn't I?

Pharmacy bandit is full of ideas!

Here's the deal though - however small my blog following is here, I DO have a platform now. I can say what needs to be said. I've got lots of ideas ready to make public posts about, but like I said in my first post, I'm only one pharmacist. I only see pharmacy from one workplace. I need you readers from all across the nation (and world!) to tell me what's going on in your workplaces and communities. Many of you already have, and I appreciate every message so much!

So sound off in the comments (or via private message), and let me know what you see at work or in pharmacy in general that just ISN'T RIGHT. Maybe it's a work culture problem, a systemic bias you see, an abuse of our medical system, unfair reimbursement, an atrocious prescribing pattern, or the lack of pharmacist lines on doctors' office phone trees...whatever! Throw it at me! Maybe that'll be the next issue we tackle here at the site!

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