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That's about all I can say right now. When I made a blog post 3 days ago, I had no idea where it would go, or if anyone would even read it. I posted it, went to bed, and went to work for the next three long days. Now here we are with over 38,000 views in the past 72 hours. Thanks to all you wonderful readers, the first blog post link has been shared on Facebook over 1200 times.

You know what this tells me? It tells me there is a very real problem, and that there is a group of people out there with more power than they know. What it also tells me though, is that of the tens of thousands of people who read this post, only about 55 decided to become members of the site. About 100 have followed on Facebook. In order to harness our full power as a united front, what we need is engagement. We need brainstorming! We need networking! We need YOU, and we need your ideas, your valuable input! The intention of this site is to form a powerful and united community of pharmacists who can affect change with their voice, even if that voice is Anonymous.

In the Facebook response comments, I've seen a few complaints that my original blog post didn't contain a"call to action" or a link to state legislators. While true, I must admit that I was simply trying to dip my toes in the water when it came to blogging and didn't expect so many views or shares so fast. I intended to spend my next post musing about actions we as pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and supportive patients can take. I'm going to move that topic to my next post in the hopes that I receive more messages, comments, and feedback from all of you out there and that I can formulate them into a coherent and useful read (which is not likely right now after my three day stretch).

One further complaint that I saw was that my post didn't mention issues affecting technicians nearly as much as those affecting pharmacists. Again, this post was only intended to be a starting point, and I have not overlooked the marginalization of technicians. You guys are the backbone of the pharmacy and are criminally under-compensated in the retail environment. Fear not, because future posts will dig into more topics than I could fit into one 6-minute read.

As an aside to all of you posting on Facebook by sharing a direct link to a blog post, I may not have been able to see your comments and feedback in those posts due to the way Facebook privacy is set up. If you would like to give feedback, ideas, or input, you can reach me on Twitter, Facebook, or here on the Pharmacist Anonymous website as a member. Social media links are found at the top of the website, and I will share every blog post on both Facebook and Twitter. Any comments made on those posts I will be able to see.

My very best to you all, and thanks so much for all the kind words. I'll be brainstorming and writing more as soon as time allows. Please keep sharing and talking, and let's keep this momentum going!!

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Pharmacist Anonymous
Pharmacist Anonymous
05 בפבר׳ 2019

@betty When it comes to getting information to the public in digestible bits and keeping awareness up, I have a few ideas brewing. All of it however, will depend on engagement from site members, pharmacists, and other allies from related professions and the public. I'm planning to launch further blog posts including options for future campaigns, both social and legislative.


So how do we get this important information out to the public, in digestible bites, and often enough to make sure it's not forgotten? The voices of pharmacists are going to be hard to hear through the corporate lingo of short waits, free meds, adherence packaging, etc.

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