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This one isn't too harmful, just a little funny. The prescription specifies to continue the medication for 30 YEARS!
Maybe this patient works 3rd shift. Maybe that's why breakfast is at night time. Still not sure what that has to do with the bowel movement.
Well, there's one way to lower expectations of efficacy!
When clarified by pharmacist, they intended "5 tablets by mouth as a one-time single dose".
Well...just how exactly does that work?
"Intrathecal" is a medical term for injecting something into the spinal fluid. Yikes!
Must have been prescribed for a hobbit. Second breakfast sounds great though!
Another one of these! "77.143 tablets" is going to be a definite challenge to measure.
THIS is the scariest one of all these images. This could easily be deadly if the patient followed these instructions - and the pharmacist who sent it in said it was NOT caught until a refill. So the patient did receive at least one bottle labeled this way.
That's gonna hurt!
Please don't put tablets in your eyes.
72 years
Another humorous one - they meant in 72 hours.
Mystery Medicine
Just pick something!
This prescriber gives up fighting with the system and just manually sends instructions. While appreciated, it will require human intervention.
How does that math work??
Zpak? or Pred taper?
The medication ordered does not match the instructions or dosing regimen given. The instructions given are typical for another drug. But which is wrong? The drug name? Or the instructions?
Vitamin D
Here we are trying to divvy up capsules into impossible fractions again.
That's a heck of a lot of vanc! They'll be trucking that in from multiple facilities if someone doesn't fix it!
The clinical wisdom of prescribing antiBIOTIC for a VIRAL diagnosis is...well, just a travesty.
Might as well not even eat the meal! Surely 155 capsules is enough to fill you up!
A very unique recipe, but I doubt ketoconazole will make your scallops delicious. It also isn't that great of a medication to take orally, in case you were wondering.
Sig salad is what I call this - mixing instructions from two different medications in a way that makes zero sense.
More sig salad! Topical Lipitor (an oral cholesterol medication) is a totally new one on me!
You just thought 155 capsules was a big meal! Now try 50,000!!!
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Might as well not even eat the meal! Surely 155 capsules is enough to fill you up!